Lost and Found Property

The Ithaca College Office of Public Safety & Emergency Management serves as the official Lost-and-Found repository for the College.  

Below, you can find information on:

  • lost property
  • a form to fill out if you have lost an item
  • a table of the most recent found property, updated on a weekly basis
  • contact information for other lost and found locations on campus

Helpful Hints with Lost & Found Property

1. Retrace your steps. Many buildings and classrooms have their own forms of lost & founds, whether it is a bin at the main desk, a bin at the front of a room, or a bin out in the open (i.e. 2nd floor of Williams), so make sure to go back and check.  You can also call the phone numbers at the bottom of this page.

2. Let us know. If you have misplaced anything, call us or fill out the Lost Property form.  We have numerous items that go unclaimed every semester, but we would much rather they get turned back over to the owner. Keys and wallets are among the most common items turned in, so please call or email if you have lost yours!

3. We need as much info as you can provide. When emailing or calling in, we need to know your first name, last name (helpful if you spell it out), email address, and phone number, along with the best description you can come up with of your lost item.  The more details you provide, the more likely we will be able to reunite you with your lost property.

4. Did you find something, but are unsure what you should do with it?  All found property must be brought to the Office of Public Safety and we will take it from there. If you think someone might come back for an item, leave a note for the owner to let them know that their item is safe at OPS.

5. If you're unsure of the name of the building or parking lot where you think you lost your item, here is a link to a map of campus.

If you've lost something, please fill out this form.


Most Recent Found Property

  • To identify and/or claim items in table below, please stop by the Office of Public Safety or call (607) 274-3333.
  • This table only contains property most recently turned in.  Please fill out Lost Property Form for items you may have lost before dates listed.

(last updated: 2/16/2017)

Date Found Item
1/14/2017 computer mouse
1/7/2017 thumb drive
1/26/2017 debit card
2/13/2017 cellphone
2/13/2017 clothing
2/14/2017 2 keys

Other Lost & Found Locations on Campus

Your item may not have been turned in at the Office of Public Safety, but it may have been turned in at another building on campus.  If you have lost an item in any of the following buildings, you can call these phone numbers and ask if your item has been turned in.

Department of Physical Therapy 274-3342
Fitness Center  274-3399
Hammond Health Center 274-3177
Park School of Business 274-7901
Park School of Communications 274-1021
Peggy Ryan Williams Center 274-3124
Terrace Dining Hall 274-3907
Whalen Center School of Music 274-3343