Parking - Summer Information

Summer Student Permits

Only students who do not have a current valid permit are required to purchase a summer permit. Student summer permits are available for $30 and do not expire until August 14th.   These permits are available for purchase online or you may stop in to Parking Services, located at the Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management on Farm Pond Road, to get your permit.

If you have a valid permit, parking rules and regulations still apply throughout the summer with these two exceptions:

  • All students with a valid permit may park in W-Lot located on the road leading to the Circle Apartments across from Terrace 6 and in K-Lot located in back of Ceracche.
  • Students with a valid Green permit may park in Red Lots during the summer.

Leaving Your Car On Campus While You Are Away

If you are leaving your car on campus during the summer while you are away, please follow the directions below:

  1. You must park your car only in S-Lot extension 
  2. Register your summer parking with Parking Services so we have accurate emergency contact information
  3. If you do not have a current parking permit you can purchase a summer parking permit online for $30
  4. You might want to consider finding a friend who will be remaining in the Ithaca area to leave a set of keys with just in case

Overnight and Weekend Guests

Overnight or weekend guests of a member of the Ithaca College Community must register their vehicles at Guest Registration.

Please keep in mind that overnight parking during weekdays is from 5 PM to 10 AM and all day on weekends.  This registration allows you to park in all red lots and green parking lots on campus.

A map of the campus can be found at the following link:

To park on campus at other times you will need to obtain a visitor permit at the Parking Services office on Farm Pond road during business hours, M- F 8AM - 5PM.

Student permits for the next academic year will be available online after July 15th .

Office of Public Safety and Emergency Management
Ithaca College
M- F 8AM - 5PM 607-274-3756 
All other times 607-274-3333