Eliminate Bias: Create a Community of Respect

Advice to Prevent Disciminatory Behavior


You can use the following recommendations to help prevent discriminatory behavior in the Ithaca College community:

• Intervene to let others know that you will not tolerate ethnic, racial, religious, or homophobic jokes or slurs, or any other action that demeans any person or group.

• Celebrate your own cultural and religious heritage.

• Educate yourself about the rich cultural diversity in our community.

• Be a model of language and behavior that is nonbiased and inclusive of all persons.

• Participate in culturally diverse programs offered on campus.

• Be proactive in your home, at work, and in your community to combat all discriminatory behavior.

• Have open discussions on controversial matters as they relate to the various forms of bigotry, prejudice, and discrimination that exist in society.

• Join clubs or organizations to become better informed and to help reduce discriminatory behavior.

• Be courteous and respectful of others, even when expressing disagreement. Good manners are important in facilitating a productive dialogue.


For information related to student clubs and organizations that have a diversity focus, call the Center for Student Leadership and Involvement, 274-3222.