Eliminate Bias: Create a Community of Respect

How to Report a Bias-Related Incident


If you are ever a victim of a bias-related incident or become aware of an incident, call the Office of Public Safety at 274-3333 immediately. If the incident occurs in a residence hall, you should also report it to your resident assistant (RA) or residence director (RD). The College takes such incidents very seriously and will investigate them thoroughly. Responding in a timely manner to a bias-related incident will increase the chances that the investigation will be successful and that the College can hold the person(s) accountable for their actions.

It is also important to note that Ithaca College makes the community aware of all incidents— including bias-related incidents—that are reported to the Office of Public Safety. The public safety reports are posted on the public safety website.  

We are all responsible for creating a positive and welcoming environment for learning at Ithaca College. Please do your part. We encourage you to contact any of the following offices to discuss or consult about an incident.

Counseling Center 274-3136
LGBT Resource Center 274-7394
Multicultural Affairs 274-1692
Public Safety 274-3333
Residential Life 274-3141
Student Life 274-3374