Services and Accommodations

Procedure to Request Accommodations

Procedure to Request Accommodations

1. Any student requesting accommodation must first identify him/herself to the Student Accessibility Services by completing a Disability Identification Form and submitting the appropriate documentation (See Documentation Guidelines).

2. The nature and extent of a student's physical disability must be documented by a physician or health care professional. The presence of a specific learning disability must by documented by a psycho-educational diagnostician. Documentation will be retained in confidential files in the Student Accessibility Services. This documentation never becomes a part of the student's permanent record.

3. Students must meet with a Student Accessibility Specialist at the beginning of each semester to discuss accommodations for the current semester. Students will be requested to sign a release form allowing appropriate faculty and staff to be notified that accommodations may be necessary for a particular course. If a student has not identified to the office by providing documentation on his/her disability, and consented to the limited sharing of information regarding the disability, she/he will not be eligible to receive accommodation.

4. When the Student Accessibility Specialists are in possession of the documentation and signed release form, a confidential letter describing the accommodation will be sent to appropriate college personnel. Strict confidentiality will be maintained by all persons receiving such information.