Services and Accommodations

Academic Accommodations


Each student's accommodations are determined by an evaluation of documentation submitted to Student Accessibility Services.  If you have questions about your specific documentation and/or needs, please contact the office.  


Extensions on Assignments

It is your responsibility to speak with your professor to discuss extensions and alternate due dates for assignments and papers.  It’s important to do this a minimum of three to four (3-4) days prior to the date the assignment is due.  This does not apply to assignments given at the beginning of the semester, clearly assigned in the syllabus, or assigned two to three (2-3) weeks prior to the due date.  The exception is for students with a medical or health condition which impacts your ability to complete assignments if your symptoms become more problematic or you are hospitalized. In this case, please contact your professor as soon as possible to discuss alternate due dates for assignments.


Flexible Attendance

This accommodation is included on your academic adjustment plan since you may miss class from time to time when medical appointments are necessary and/or symptoms are acute. You must arrange to make up missed work.  It’s difficult to give an exact number of allowable absences since it is, in part, determined by the nature of the class.  For example, courses where class participation and/or group projects are a critical part of the curriculum are more challenging for students to make up work if you miss several classes.  SAS encourages students who have this accommodation on their plan to meet with faculty at the beginning of the semester to discuss how many absences are acceptable in order to complete course requirements. This will provide you with the necessary information to determine if you should remain in the class.  Please meet with your professors early in the semester to discuss this issue.

Note-taking Support 

Students arrange for note-taking support with their individual professors.  The professor may provide the student with copies of lecture notes, overheads, Powerpoint presentations, or pre-lecture outlines.  If those options are not available or sufficient for the student, the professor may arrange for a student note-taker to provide a copy of their notes to the students.  This is a confidential process facilitated through SAS.