Services and Accommodations

Documentation - Physical


In order to ensure the provision of reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with physical disabilities, the following documentation is needed:

  • A typed statement on letterhead by an attending physician/qualified health professional.
  • A summary of assessment procedures, evaluation instruments used to make the diagnosis, and a summary of the evaluation results.
  • A statement that includes the specific diagnosis, nature and current status of the disability, functional limitations and any recommendations for academic/personal support. These recommendations should be supported by the diagnosis.
  • Currently prescribed treatments, medications, assistive devices, and service should be described. Description should include all currently in use and their estimated effectiveness in ameliorating the impact of the disability.
  • Significant side effects that may affect physical, perceptual, or cognitive functioning within the academic setting should be identified and described.
  • Functional limitations and recommended accommodations at the post-secondary level should be addressed in the report.
  • The diagnostic report must be current, typed, and include the names and titles of the evaluators as well as the date(s) of testing.

NOTE: We recognize that students are individuals and variations in the documentation requirements may be necessary. Please contact the office if you have questions.


*For more information about documentation please refer to the ETS website- Disability Documentation Policy Statements and Forms