Student Information

Exam Request Procedures

Academic Adjustment Plans must be updated at the beginning of each semester by scheduling an appointment (607-274-1005) with your accessibility specialist. Your schedule will be reviewed and an assessment made of your need for appropriate accommodations. If you do not have plans in place for the current semester, our office cannot schedule accommodations for you.

Faculty may be able to administer your test accommodations so please check with them first before scheduling with SAS.

You are responsible for initiating the request for testing accommodations at least three business days before the scheduled exam. If you do not schedule at least three business days prior to your test, we can not provide testing accommodations.

Scheduling Semester Tests with SAS

If you have a test on:

  • Monday – Call the Week Before by Wednesday
  • Tuesday – Call the Week Before by Thursday
  • Wednesday – Call the Week Before by Friday
  • Thursday – Call on Monday of the Same Week
  • Friday – Call by Tuesday of the Same Week 

Tests may be scheduled for the entire semester.  You may call to schedule a test EARLIER than the day indicated in the table.

As a general rule, exams should be scheduled to coincide with the time the class is taking the test. If that is not possible, you must get approval from the professor to take the test at an alternate time prior to scheduling the exam with SAS.

We can not schedule tests for students via email.  Please call the office, or stop in and fill out a test request form.

Tests will be administered by our office during regular business hours. Tests should be scheduled and started early enough to ensure completion before our closing time. During finals exam week our office will have extended hours.

Students should make every effort to arrive at our office ten minutes before the scheduled exam. If you will be late please call us at 607-274-1257.

We will leave an email message the day before your test telling you where your test will be administered.  Please make sure your inbox is not over quota.