Student Information

FAQs for New Students

Is there any place on the admissions application to identify as a student with a disability?

It is illegal to ask any questions about disability on the application. Admissions is designed to be a "totally blind" process because the law indicates that students must be "otherwise qualified" in order to be admitted to the college.  However, a person may voluntarily elect to identify to the college as a student with a disability.

What documentation do I need?

  • Learning Disabilities and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder-the documentation should include a complete psycho-educational evaluation (preferably no more than three years old at the date of entry to the college) conducted by a qualified psycho-educational diagnostician. It should include the tests given, the test results, specific diagnosis, and recommendations for accommodation. The most common tests administered to diagnose disabilities are: the WAIS-Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale; the Woodcock Johnson or WRAT (Wide Range Achievement Test); the Bender or some other form of perceptual testing. We would like a copy of the student's most recent IEP or 504 Plan.
  • Physical disabilities-a report is required from your physician or health care professional, which includes a diagnosis, impact on academic functioning and related recommendations.
  • Psychological disabilities-a report is required from a psychologist, psychiatrist or licensed therapist that includes a clear statement of the disability, impact on academic functioning and appropriate accommodations.

Are math and foreign language waivers available?

Language substitutions are occasionally granted if the language is not deemed an essential function of the program. Substitutions must be supported by the student's documentation and accommodation history. The decision on granting a substitution is made by the student's advisor, department and dean .

Math waivers are not permitted.

What services am I entitled to?

Accommodations are based on documentation and are designed individually for each student. The student will meet with a Student Accessibility Specialist who will determine the appropriate accommodations based on the person's disability, interview with the student, documentation and recommendations.

Do you have tutoring services?

SAS does not provide tutoring services.

Tutoring Services provides free peer tutoring for students in selected courses. Some classes have Teaching Assistants who can be accessed without charge. The Writing Center and Math Help Room are available on campus at no cost.

How are professors about accommodating students?

The vast majority of the faculty are excellent and work collaboratively with their students and SAS. We encourage positive working relationships between students and professors.

What is the policy regarding confidentiality?

All information regarding students registered with the office and their documentation is kept in a locked file in the SAS office. Information is released with the student's permission (signature) on a need-to-know basis. The information never becomes part of a student's permanent academic record.

What type of housing accommodation is available for students with disabilities?

Housing accommodations are similar to academic accommodations in that they are considered on a case-by-case basis.A Special Housing Accommodation Request Form must be completed and submitted to Student Accessibilty Services, accompanied by documentation from a certified professional, stating what the need is and why the particular accommodation requested is the only way to meet the student's medical need. Our office will contact Residential Life when the review process is complete. Residential Life will follow up with the student to discuss appropriate housing options.

How do students register with the office?

Once a student has decided to attend Ithaca College and chooses to identify as a student with a disability, he/she should complete the online Disability Identification Form and send documentation to our office as soon as possible. SAS will follow up with the student prior to summer orientation.