Student Information

Final Exam Procedures



You may sign up for your final exams at any time during the semester, but all requests must be received by SAS no later than Wednesday, December 3rd, 2014.  Test requests will NOT be accepted after 5:00 pm on December 3rd.

You can accomplish this by:  

o      Filling out your test request final sign-up form and bringing them to 110 or 120 Towers Concourse.  Final exam schedule.

o      Coming to 110 or 120 Towers Concourse and completing your forms there.

o      Phoning in your request to 607-274-1257 or 607-274-1005.


You must complete all of the information required, so be prepared with your professor's full name and the correct name of the course.  Please type the information if your handwriting is difficult to read.

If you are requesting an alternate time, please speak with your professor first, as we will be contacting your professor to ask if the time requested has their approval.  Student Accessibility Services is not authorized to change exam times; this can only be accomplished by talking to your professor.  If the request is an accommodation need, SAS will support you in making this request.

You will be notified by email (your IC account) where you will be taking the exam a day before administration.  Make sure your inbox is not over quota!

If you have special circumstances, or are having a great deal of difficulty figuring out when to schedule your exams, come to Towers Concourse 110 and someone will be available to assist you.


The last day to sign up for finals is December 3rd, 2014!