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February 6 - 22, 2014

Crisis Communications with Roger D'Aprix, internationally known communication consultant, lecturer and author who has assisted scores of Fortune 500 companies in developing their communication strategies and redesigning their communication training. He is generally regarded as one of the leading-edge thinkers in the formulation of communication strategy and practice for contemporary organizations.

Explore an integrative and comprehensive framework for managing internal and external responses to crisis events. As a result of readings, case studies, projects and discussions with the facilitator and one another you will:

  • Examine effective and ineffective responses using case studies from Johnson and Johnson, British Petroleum and Xerox
  • Learn the fundamentals of crisis communication
  • Know the essential elements of a crisis communication plan
  • Better appreciate the necessity for proactive crisis communication strategy and plans
  • Discuss your reactions to the communication principles and determine how they apply to your role and responsibilities
  • Consider the benefits and challenges of an open communication culture during crisis
  • Apply what you learn to a crisis communication project relevant to your work

Developing Organizational Knowledge with Bill Piersol, program manager with Klett Consulting Group in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He has over 20 years of organizational and management analysis experience with large enterprise organizations including the U.S. Navy, NATO, and regional economic development activities.

Organizations hold an immense amount of data, information, and knowledge but are often poor stewards of these assets. Knowledge management (KM) systems are designed to better identify and utilize valuable organizational knowledge. In this seminar, you will learn about:

  • Knowledge assets
  • Knowledge management (KM) systems
  • Techniques to help your organization do a better job in developing intangible assets to their fullest potential

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