Event Planning

If you are planning an event, check the Accommodation Checklist below to make sure your event is fully accessible to individuals with disabilities. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Conference and Event Services or the Office of Student Disability Services for assistance.

Accommodation Checklist
___ A certified sign language interpreter should be present at all college sponsored events. The department sponsoring the event is responsible for hiring and compensating the interpreter. For a list of certified interpreters in the Ithaca area please contact Bonnie LeBlanc bleblanc@ithaca.edu
___ Make every effort to locate your event in an accessible location. Consult Conference and Events Services for
assistance in determining accessible locations on campus.
___ Design all advertisements to include a way for individuals with disabilities to identify their accommodation needs prior to the event.
___ The Emerson Suites, Ford Hall, Park Auditorium, and the Horner Theatre are equipped with assistive listening devices. Consult the following Conference and Event Services 607-274- 3313
___ Portable FM assistive listening devices are available through the Office of Academic Support Services. Please contact Office of Student Disability Services if you need to borrow one of these devices.
___ Make sure preferential seating is available in the front of the venue for persons who might have visual or auditory impairments
___ If you are using a video, make every effort to select a video that is closed captioned. If that is not possible, contact the manager of the multimedia center in the library at 274-3881. The manager may be able to locate a newer version of the video you are using. In not, older videos can be sent out to be captioned; however this requires sufficient lead time so careful planning is important.
___ Make all handouts available in alternate format (Braille, tape, CD, enlarged print, etc.). Contact the Office of Student Disability Services for assistance in this area.


Become familiar with the accessibility features of the building in which your event is located. Signs indicating building accessibility features will be posted in each building. Information about locations of accessible bathrooms, water fountains, entrances, etc. can be found online at /map/safety.php