Information for Faculty

Flexible Attendance Policy



The student may miss class from time to time due to a documented medical condition.  The student must arrange to make up missed work.

In situations in which the student requires flexibility with an absence policy for a chronic medical condition, the student may be under the long term care of a physician, but each episode may not require specific medical attention.  As a result, this student will not have a medical excuse for every missed class but does have a documented disability that verifies an episodic condition that may result in absences.

This accommodation is primarily included for students who have a medical condition that may impact their ability to attend class if their symptoms become worse, they have side effects from their medication or they need to seek medical care.

It’s difficult to give an exact number of allowable absences since it is, in part, determined by the nature of the class. For example, courses where class participation and/or group projects are a critical part of the curriculum are more challenging for students to make up work if they miss several classes.
SDS encourages students who have this accommodation on their plan to meet with faculty at the beginning of the semester to discuss how many absences are acceptable in order to complete course requirements. This will provide the student with the necessary information to determine if they should remain in the class.

If you have a concern regarding a student’s absences, please don’t hesitate to contact SDS at 274-1005.