Information for Faculty

Note Taking Support





If a student has note-taking on their plan and requests this service, faculty can assist in the following ways:


  1. You may provide the student with copies of lecture notes, overheads, Powerpoint presentations, or pre-lecture outlines.
  2. If the above are not available or sufficient for the student, please arrange for a note-taker. Students are often willing to volunteer or you may need to appoint someone who takes comprehensive notes. Please tell the note-taker to register with SDS in 110 Towers Concourse to receive note-taking instructions and for a gift card at the end of the semester as a thank you for their services.
  3. The note-taker should either be allowed to use a laptop or tablet for note-taking or have access to a nearby scanner so notes can be emailed directly to SDS for the student’s use.


If you are unable to find a note taker for students who request this service, it is your responsibility to call the office 274-1005.

Note taking support is a mandated accommodation.