Housing Information

Ithaca College Housing Modification Requests Due to Disability

 Information Sheet



If you are requesting a housing accommodation, please be aware that you must follow the procedure below.  In order to be considered for an accommodation your condition must be considered a disability under New York State and Federal Law.


In order to request any accommodations you must:


  1. Register with the Office of Student Disability Services by submitting the Disability Identification Form along with documentation  supporting the request to the Office of Student Disability Services, 110 Towers Concourse, 953 Danby Rd, Ithaca College, Ithaca, NY 14850 or fax the documentation to the office at 607-274-3957 where it will be kept in a confidential file.  Do not submit the documentation directly to Residential Life.

      The documentation must include a diagnosis and must indicate why this particular condition  requires the accommodation you are requesting.


    2.  Fill out the Request for Special Housing Accommodation Form.   The form may be accessed online either at:


          /reslife/  or /sds/docs/housing/



3.     Complete the form and send it to The Office of Student Disability Services at the address listed above.



Please be aware that this process may take up to four (4) weeks so make your request as early as possible.  Someone from Residential Life will then contact you regarding your housing assignment.  Every attempt will be made to accommodate your particular needs.