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Student Disability Services

Ithaca College Housing Accommodation Requests Due to Disability

 Housing Information Sheet

          If you are requesting a housing accommodation, please be aware that you must follow the procedure below. In order to be considered for an accommodation, your condition must be considered a disability under New York State and Federal Law.

 In order to request a housing accommodation you must:

  1. If you have not already done so, register with the Office of Student Disability Services by completing the online form found at: /sds/newstudents/
  2. Complete the Request for Special Housing Accommodation form found at: /sds/docs/housing/
  3. Provide documentation that supports your request.  Please refer to our Documentation Guidelines found on this site: /sds/guidelines/
  • Documentation must be written by a licensed health professional and must include a formal diagnosis that rises to the level of a disability. 
  • It must establish a clear connection between the recommended housing request and the impact of the condition. 
  • It must address why the accommodation requested is a medical/health need for the student.
  1. Send the completed housing accommodation form along with documentation to:

Ithaca College Office of Student Disability Services 110 Towers Concourse

953 Danby Road Ithaca, NY14850

or fax to our office at (607) 274-3957.


Your documentation will be kept in a confidential file.Do not submit your form or documentation directly to Residential Life.

Note on Single Room Accommodation: In general, diagnoses such as ADD/ADHD or Specific Learning Disability do not lend themselves to single room accommodations.  A single room cannot guarantee a quiet environment.  Students who need to study in a quiet environment can have their study needs met in areas such as the library or other designated quiet study areas on campus.