Study Abroad


Are you an individual with a disability who would like to study abroad?  If so, you are taking the right step by reading this brochure. There are many short term, semester and year long programs that can enhance your academic career and broaden your personal horizons.  The Office of International Programs (OIP) and Student Disability Services are dedicated to helping you do so, as well. 


Ithaca College has many study abroad programs and most of them should be able to accommodate your needs.


Support while Overseas


Ithaca Programs  

Ithaca College operates one its own programs and a number of exchange and short term programs.  We will work with you to make your experience overseas as pleasant as possible.

The London Center – There is a full time staff in London who will work with you.

Exchange Programs – The exchange partners are all fully accredited universities overseas.  The OIP and SDS staff will work with you to find the office at each university that can help you with your needs.

Short term winter or summer programs. – Faculty leading these programs will work with you and the OIP to make your travels possible.


Affiliated Programs

IC also works with several program providers. Information about these programs can be found at the OIP and on the OIP website under “affiliated programs”. The OIP has contact information for people at each affiliate institution who are available to you, as a student with a disability.  They can assist you in choosing a program that is best for you and answer any concerns that you have.  These programs also have resident directors in the countries in which you will be studying who can be a resource for you while you are overseas.  We encourage you to be open with these people as to your particular needs.  A few of these affiliates have scholarships specifically for people with disabilities.  You may also be eligible for other scholarships which they offer.  We have provided links to scholarship information on the OIP website  and we encourage you to apply.


Non-affiliated Programs

It is also possible for you to attend a non-affiliated study abroad program.  If you choose this option, you will have to take a leave of absence from IC and your financial aid will not apply.  Credits earned on a non-affiliated program will transfer back provided you have completed appropriate paperwork.


Financial Aid


If you choose to go on an Ithaca College Program or on an affiliated program, most or all of your current financial aid will be applied to your studies abroad.  This includes grants, scholarships and loans.  All financial aid will be recalculated based upon the actual cost of the program you will attend. In addition to the scholarships which we have mentioned above, there are several organizations which give general grants for study abroad which are also listed on the scholarship web page.


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