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General Resources for Students with Disabilities and Study Abroad:


Please visit the following websites to read about experiences that other students have had, to see a list of countries where students with disabilities have had success, and to find additional resources.


Mobility International:  – MI serves to educate people with disabilities and related organizations about international exchange opportunities, increase the participation of people with disabilities in the full range of international volunteer, study, work and research programs, and facilitate partnerships between people with disabilities, disability-related organizations, and international exchange organizations.  MIUSA can put you in touch with other students with disabilities who have studied abroad through their Peer-to-Peer Network.


Access Abroad:  - This web site is devoted to making existing international opportunities accessible to college students with all types of disabilities, in accordance with American with Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations.  The site provides advice for students with disabilities considering an international experience and stories from students with disabilities who have studied abroad.  There are also detailed summaries of accessibility and available accommodations at sties in more that twenty countries.


Brown University:   This document has stories from students of all different backgrounds and how it affected their time abroad:



Books available through Mobility International


Bucks, Christina, Ed.  A World of Options: A Guide to International Educational Exchange Community service and Travel for People with Disabilities.  Mobility International USA. 1997.


Susan Sygall & Cindy Lewis. Building Bridges: A Manual on Including People with Disabilities in International Exchange Programs.  Mobility International, USA.  2006.

A World Awaits You Journal. Mobility International Online Journal.