Installing and Using APGS (formerly called SeeLogo)

Link to the SeeLogo (also called APGS) zipped file.  In order to run it, unzip and doubleclick on  APGS.jar file
Attention! If you are a Mac user, please click on the link above.  It is possible that the program will install automatically once the zipped folder downloads, but it is also possible that you will have to make some changes in order to run the programs in it. Please follow the following instructions to do so. 

1. Click on 'Finder' which is located on your Dock located at the bottom of your screen. 
2. Go in to the 'Macintosh HD' which appears under 'Devices'.
3. Click on 'Applications'.
4. Click on 'Utilities'.
5. Click on EITHER the 'Java' folder and then click on 'Java Preferences OR click 'Java Preferences' itself     (depending on what is on your 'Utilities' folder.
6. Click, drag and move 'Java SE 6' to the top of both lists that appear.
7. Close out of all open windows and you will be able to run the programs on the downloaded folder!

SeeLogo (APGS) is a computer language through which the user can create beautiful pictures, dynamic arts and make games.
Here is a link to a book that uses the languageto create mathematical art.