James J. Whalen Academic Symposium

2015 Award Winners

18th Annual James J. Whalen Academic Symposium Award Winners
April 9, 2015

Poster Presentations:

Poster – School of Health Sciences and Human Performance (HSHP)

Daniel Baskin, Tess Hamberg, Kendar Gandbhir, Ernesto Garcia, Meaghan Goodheart, Cole Teti
Faculty Sponsor: Miranda Kaye

Relationship between Exercise, Depression, and GPA in Active versus Non-active Ithaca College Students over a Ten-Year Span

Poster – School of Humanities and Sciences (H&S)

Alina Byrne, Kyrillos Farag, Ayesha Patel
Faculty Sponsor: Elizabeth Caldwell

The Role of Stress and Alcohol on Social and Appetitive Behavior in Long Evans Males

Oral Presentations:

Martin Luther King Scholars

Sierra Council
Faculty Sponsor: Sean Eversley Bradwell

To Be “Visibly Invisible”: A Look at Black Women, Sexual Histories and Silence

School of Business

Peter Knight
Faculty Sponsor: Joseph Cheng

Impact of Oil and Natural Gas Prices on Renewable Energy Investment Returns

School of Communications

Natasha Brower, Sarah Czwartacky, Elizabeth Lambert, Robert Haskell, Jared Wolf
Faculty Sponsor: Gordon Rowland

Culture Core: Microagressions in the Workplace

School of Music

Madeline Docimo
Faculty Sponsor: Radio Cremata

The Hidden Problems of Music Advocacy, and Prospects of Unconditional Hospitality

School of Humanities and Sciences (H&S) – Categories:

#1 - Art History, English, Philosophy/Religion/Writing

Logan Weaver
Faculty Sponsor: David Salomon

Art Use, History: SAH Archipedia for New York State

#2 - Sociology, Anthropology, Education, Communication Studies

Alexandra Battaglia
Laura Douthit
Faculty Sponsor: Nia Nunn Makepeace

Processing Transformative Discussions: White Students’ Responses to Anti-Racist Work

#3 – Physics, Biology, Chemistry

Gregory Fobes
Faculty Sponsor: Bruce Thompson

Construction and Calibration of a Vector Flux-gate Magnetometer

#4 –History, Economics, Politics

Celina Foran
Faculty Sponsor: Karin Breuer

“Disorderly Women”: Nuns in the French Revolution

#5 – Computer Science, Environmental Studies

Gregory Broslawski
Faculty Sponsors: Jason Hamilton and Michael Rogers

Validating the Science of Tracking: Applications of 3-D Scanning in the Field of Forensic Tracking

School of Health Sciences and Human Performance (HSHP)

#1 Physical Therapy/Psychology

Mark Vorensky
Faculty Sponsor: Jill Mayer

Interpersonal Communication Education in a Physical Therapy Clinical Setting: Influence on Student Patient Relationships

#2 Exercise and Sport Sciences, Athletic Training, Health Promotion and Physical Education

Tara Condon, Tyler Keith, Ayana Philips, Ernesto Garcia
Faculty Sponsor: Deb King and Patrick McKeon

Influence of Dorsiflexion Range of Motion on Star Excursion Balance Test Reach Distances

Visual, Media, and Performing Arts

Kendra Domotor
Joohyun Lee
Faculty Sponsor: Dawn Pierce

The Unusual History behind Felix Mendelssohn’s Rare Concert Aria “infelice!/ Ah, ritorna, eta dell’oro”

Jacob Beil
Daniel Masciari
Faculty Sponsor: Carol Jennings

Coffee in the Cloud Forest: Partnering with an Agricultural Collective in Intag, Ecuador, on a Documentary Film