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What is Share the Groove?

Share the Groove was conceived in the summer of 1997 by its founders, Disco Stu and Marquee Mark. The idea was to produce a simple radio show which featured what was then an underground musical movement which had unofficially been named jam bands. And so, Share the Groove was born and every week, three hours of jam bands filled the Ithaca College campus radio station (106VIC). Back then, Share the Groove played a lot of Phish and the Grateful Dead, with some Widespread Panic and God Street Wine tunes mixed in between.

In one year, Share the Groove tripled in size and repertoire and by the fall of 1998, Central New York's 92 WICB (91.7 FM) picked up Share the Groove. The Grateful Dead had to be removed from the rotation (but have since returned) to make way for the fifty other jam bands and one hundred new albums Share the Groove added to its rotation. What began as an underground phenomenon has since become a musical scene where authentic song writers and musicians excel and prevail. Jam bands grew from an exclusive scene for neo-hippies to a love shared by people from a variety of cultures and musical traditions. It is a scene where those of us who claim rock'n'roll as the soundtrack to our lives can go see true music. Jam bands perform freely and without the spectacle and nonsense that have infiltrated popular culture. It is postmodernism in its truest sense. Jam bands transcend race, gender, and class to allow music to unite a generation.

Now, Share the Groove celebrates its more than one hundred artists for two hours a week on WICB. But Share the Groove is more than a simple radio show; it has become a venue for people of Ithaca and Central New York to be a part of the scene in many ways and through many outlets. Much like San Francisco and Burlington before it, Ithaca is a town with an incredible musical culture, much of which is rooted in jam bands. The future only brings growth and maturity.

Enjoy our website, give us some feedback, tune in, tell your friends, and most importantly share all the groove you can.


Share the Groove Co-Creator and Executive Producer

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