Summer Course Offerings

Ithaca College's summer sessions are a great way to catch up, make up, or get ahead. Students may take a required course or enjoy an elective on the beautiful Ithaca College campus or online.

Taking summer classes at IC gives you the chance to explore the region that makes many Ithaca College alumni settle here for good.

Ithaca empties out in summer just enough so you can own it. Take a summer to understand the fuss about the smallest city in New York State.

  • Enjoy small class sizes, typically 6-12 students
  • Get a tuition discount of 10 percent
  • Satisfy a prerequisite
  • Earn credit with an internship
  • Plan ahead for next year's study-abroad program
  • Develop a strong relationship with a faculty member
  • Take an online course while you travel
  • Explore other interests

Summer 2014 Course Roster (subject to change)

ANTH 10400 Cultural Anthropology online May Session
ART 13000 Introduction to Drawing lecture Session I
BIOL 10600 Plants, People, and Food Production online May Session
BIOL 10700 Human Genetics online Session I
BIOL 19704 Island Biology online May Session
CMST 11500 Business & Professional Communication online May Session
CMST 12000 Communication, Culture and Rhetoric online Session I
CNPH 14100 Introduction to Photography lecture Session II
CNPH 33300 Advanced Screenwriting online Session I
CSCR 25000 Hip Hop Cultures online Session I
CSCR 26100 Watching Race in US Media online May Session
ECON 12100 Principles of Macroeconomics online Session II
ECON 12200 Principles of Microeconomics online Session I
EDUC 21010 Educational Psychology lecture May Session
EDUC 21910 Early Field Experience lecture May Session
EDUC 34000 Social/Cultural Foundations of Ed lecture May Session
ENGL 21900 Shakespeare lecture Session II
ENVS 14200 Art and Science of Tracking lecture May Session
EXSS 17300 Fieldwork in Clinical Exercise Science I fieldwork Session I
EXSS 20200 Sport and Exercise Psychology online Session I
EXSS 24600 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries lecture May Session
EXSS 25000 Athletic Training Techniques I lecture May Session
EXSS 26200 Principles of Fitness Evaluation and Prescription lecture May Session
EXSS 37500 Research Methods online Session I
FINA 31100 Business Finance online Session I
GCOM 20100 Water Planet online May Session
GBUS 20300 Legal Environment online Session I
GBUS 30700 Commercial Law online Session II
HLTH 11300 Personal Health online Session II
HLTH 20200 Human Nutrition online Session I
HLTH 20500 Critical Health Issues online May Session
HLTH 22700 Stress: Its Nature & Management online May Session
HLTH 22900 Disease and Lifestyle online Session II
JOUR 21300 Journalism Ethics online Summer I
MATH 10000 Math Fundamentals online May Session
MATH 13500 Math Art with Computers online May Session
MGMT 42100 Strategic Management hybrid Session I
MKTG 31200 Principles of Marketing online Session I
MKTG 49100 Marketing on the Internet online Session II
MUEN 10900 Chorus lecture Session II
MUTH 22200 Music Theory III lecture Session I
MUTH 23400 Advanced Sight-Singing IV lecture Session I
MUTH 32100 Form and Analysis lecture Session I
OTBS 39902 Sel Topics in OT: Clinical Reasoning lecture Session I
OTBS 40000 Functional Human Anatomy lecture variable
OTBS 40000 Functional Human Anatomy lab variable
PALS 05700 Boating Skills and Safety activity variable
POLT 14200 Ideas and Ideologies lecture May Session
POLT 23000 The Holocaust online Session I
PSYC 20700 Statistics in Psychology online Session I
PSYC 20700 Statistics in Psychology online Session II
PSYC 30207 Research Team lecture Session II
SOCI 10100 Introduction to Sociology online May Session
SPAN 47600 Road to Breakup: Contemporary Latin American Cinema lecture Session I
SPMM 39900 ST: Problems in College Sport online May Session
SPMM 39900 ST: FIFA World Cup 2014 online Session II
SPMM 39902 ST: Narratives in Sport Documentaries online Session I
STCM 20400 Virtual Teams online Session I
THEA 35500 Directing I lecture Session II
TVR 11500 Introduction to Field Production lecture Session I
TVR 31200 Government and Media online Session I
TVR 32000 Topics in Media Technology online May Session
TVR 46000 Senior Seminar: Disney and Media Globalization online Session I
WRTG 10600 Academic Writing I online Session I
WRTG 17500 Introduction to Creative Writing online Session I
WRTG 20100 Argument online Session II
WRTG 20500 Personal Essay online Session II
WRTG 21100 Writing for the Workplace online Session I
WRTG 23600 Fiction I lecture Session I
WRTG 26100 Writers' Practice lecture May Session