College Credit

Students may enroll in the three-week session for college credit or students may enroll in the one-week session, or do both. All one-week session participants will receive a certificate of completion. All students take one course.

Students participating in the three-week session earn two to four college credits, depending on the course. Students taking two and three credit courses meet the same number of hours each day but earn less credit hours because so much of the course time is spent doing fieldwork or studio work. Four credit courses meet for a longer period of time each day than two and three credit courses.

Credits earned during the summer college program are accepted at Ithaca College and normally transferable to other colleges; each institution, however, has its own credit transfer policies. When transfering courses to your future undergraduate institution, contact your college's academic advising office to see which courses will transfer. Students enrolled in the three week session should complete the Transcript Request Form featured on the right side of this page, and return it to the registrar's office.