Office Initiatives


Within the Office of Facilities, there are a number of important functions and reporting units that have all embraced aspects of more sustainable decision-making.

Facilities Maintenance

Facilities Maintenance crews actively seek opportunities to integrate the most energy efficient technology into building heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) systems as well as upgrading electrical systems.

Over the past few years, the campus has undergone an almost complete re-lamping, upgrading to T-8 and T-5 fluorescent fixtures wherever possible, and even "leap-frogging" into LED technology retrofits where appropriate.

On May 1, 2006, Facilities Maintenance instituted building “set points”, a new “comfort standard” temperature range for building heating and air conditioning settings. These changes designed to make buildings a little less warm in the winter months and slightly less cool during summer months are expected to save the institution between $125,000 - $200,000 annually.
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Facilities Grounds and Transportation


Our grounds crews work diligently to maintain our grounds and in great shape, using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) systems and incorporating intelligent landscaping design and plants that help conserve water and minimize the need for application of chemicals.

The Grounds group collaborated with the Natural Lands committee and with the Center for Natural Sciences Sustainability Group (CNSSG) to develop an “alternative landscape” planting outside the science building. This landscape plot - which provides ongoing scientific research opportunities into soil chemistry as well as insect and avian studies - reduces the need for intensive lawn maintenance (weeding, mowing, fertilizing) and significantly adds to the biodiversity in that area of campus.
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Our vehicle fleet managers are actively reviewing their vehicle requirements, "right-sizing" the fleet, and downsizing to the smallest and most fuel-efficient vehicle type possible to meet the need.

There are several hybrid vehicles in the campus rental vehicle fleet.

In the vehicle maintenance garage, all possible automotive materials – tires, solvents, oil – are recycled.

Facilities Services

In its effort to minimize any health and exposure risks associated with cleaning campus buildings, Facilities Services has committed to using "Green Seal" certified products as much as possible.

Facilities Services developed its "green cleaning" policy and protocols.

Facilities Planning, Design, and Construction

The planning, design and construction division provides a full array of services for all new construction and renovation projects. They are responsible for coordinating customer service needs and working directly with architects, planners and contractors. Additionally, they serve as liaison with town/city planning boards and building inspectors to obtain approvals and ensure compliance with all appropriate building codes.

The office and furniture design division of planning, design and construction provides an array of services in office renovation including purchase and installation of new furnishings, signage, carpet, window treatment and painting. The utility division of planning and design also provides leadership and staff support for campus moving, furniture assembly and surplus furniture allotments.

This group recently announced the development of a new, on-line view tool to see what campus furniture is in surplus storage that may be called out for reuse on campus.