Office Initiatives

Residential Life

Energy Efficiency

The Office of Residential Life has worked with the Office of Facilities to upgrade residence halls to integrate high-end utility systems and sophisticated energy controllers to optimize energy use and minimize waste of resources.

Read New York Times article about our efforts: “At Upstate Campus, Saving Energy is Part of Dorm Life”


The Office of Residential Life purchases high-quality residence hall furniture that is durable and provides many years of excellent service. Most of the residence hall beds can convert from standard bed heights to loft systems, offering residents greater flexibility to configure their room to suit their personal preferences. When necessary, residence hall furniture has been refurbished on-site by a local furniture refinishing company, using environmentally-friendly solvents.

Laundry Services

As of August 2006, all laundry services on campus operate without payment through ID Express or cash. Instead, the costs are included in room and board costs. The Mac-Gray Company, our contract laundry service provider, has replaced machines in every residence hall on campus with new washers and dryers that are more environmentally friendly, using less energy and water, saving the College money on utilities. The new laundry system also features an internet-based equipment usage tracking system which alerts students via e-mail or instant message when their laundry is done. The system also calculates estimated water savings from the high-efficiency washers.

Click here to check out LaundryView

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Smoke-free Residences

As of Fall 2006, all residence halls and apartments at Ithaca College are now smoke free. Students may not smoke in their individual room/apartment or anywhere in the building (including lounges and balconies).

REMP Eco-Reps

The Office of Residential Life collaborates with the Resource and Environmental Management Program (REMP) to support education and outreach efforts around energy reduction and resource management. Recycling containers are provided in-room and in all shared spaces in the residence halls and separate recyclable and trash receptacles are provided outside near each hall to facilitate collection.

REMP-sponsored Eco-Reps are in place in clusters of residence halls, providing peer-to-peer education for residents and offering residence advisors with hall programming options and bulletin board displays on environmental topics. In addition, the Eco-Reps place “Installments” inside the bathroom stall doors in residence halls – each “Installment” mini-newsletter offers more environmental information. 

On an ongoing basis, residents are invited to participate in the “Take It or Leave It (TIOLI)”  collection of unwanted clothing, equipment, appliances, office supplies. Rather than these non-recyclable items ending up in the dumpsters, REMP staffers collect the still-usable items and offer them for free to students at the “TIOLI Room."

Sustainably Conscious Living Community

In 2005, during the Spring room lottery and room selection process, students expressed their interest in living together in a special new “affinity” housing arrangement called theSustainably Conscious Living”  floor. Housed in Terrace 02, this “learning community”  is designed for students committed to improving their relationship with the environment, society, and economy. Guided by a faculty fellow, participants are expected to participate in community meetings, group dinners and other activities, plus they have additional educational requirements throughout the year.