Campus Operations

Alternative Transportation Options

As part of our ongoing efforts to become a more sustainable campus, and to meet carbon emissions reduction goals under our campus Climate Action Plan, Ithaca College encourages members of our community to consider the use of alternative forms of transportation for commuting and other trips, rather than the use of single-occupant vehicles. Ithaca College provides support for and encourages the consideration of the following alternative transportation providers:

Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit (TCAT)
Ithaca College underwrites ~ 30-33% of student passes and 100% of faculty/staff bus pass use. IC students may purchase online at the TCAT website special negotiated rate passes for unlimited rides during a semester, unlimited rides during a given month, or may buy 15-ride passes. All student pass permissions purchased are integrated directly onto the college ID card, so all you have to do is present your card when boarding the bus. Faculty and staff commuters need simply present their valid College ID card on the bus to take advantage of their free ride.

Chemung Transit Commuter Bus Pass Program
Ithaca College will also purchase monthly unlimited ride passes for College employees who live in communities served by this transit provider. Check the website for Chemung Transit to see if you could avail yourself of this transit option. If interested in participating, please contact Mark Darling, Sustainability Programs Coordinator, 274-3008, or Because this transit provider does not utilize the same kind of system that recognizes our College employee IDs and charges us on an actual per ride basis, we must purchase these monthly passes in advance, so we ask that only those who would regularly use such transit service for their commuting rides request to use this option.

Chemung Transit - Route #30X  - Elmira - Horseheads - Spencer - Alpine Junction - Ithaca (Green Street)

                                   Route terminates at the Green Street bus stop connect via TCAT Route 11 to/from campus

Zimride Ithaca  Community-wide Ridematching System
This unique electronic social networking system for matching up drivers and riders was jointly developed by Ithaca College, Cornell, Tompkins Cortland Community College, and other local transportation organizations. Zimride Ithaca allows members of the Ithaca College community to offer or seek rides only from other IC community members, or users can opt to extend their search to the other two campuses, or they may fully open their search to the general Tompkins County community, something especially helpful for finding commuting rides. This service is completely free to use. For more information, visit the Zimride Ithaca website.

Ithaca Carshare

This local non-profit membership based carshare program allows members to use a car when you need one without the cost of putting a vehicle on the road. Ithaca Carshare can be a valuable resource for those who use transit or carpooling or ridesharing to get to work, but need to run errands or go to appointments off-campus during the day. You can even use an Ithaca Carshare vehicle for College business; just request reimbursement for your work-related expenses. An Ithaca Carshare vehicle is conveniently located along TCAT Route 11 near the intersection of Hudson and Columbia Streets. The Ithaca Carshare program features two membership options: the “It’s My Car” plan that covers two drivers, and the “Just in Case” plan. There’s also student membership available for those over 18 (although other additional terms apply). Members pay a yearly or monthly membership fee. There’s also a per mile fee and an hourly fee applied when members use the car, but you ONLY pay for the actual time for which you reserved to use the vehicle and the actual distance you travel during your reservation. To reserve a Carshare vehicle, just call ahead or go online, then pick up the vehicle you requested. The keys are kept inside the car, and members are given a keyfob that will open the door. You must return the car to the same location where you picked it up. 

For those who want to hop on the saddle and ride their bike into work or class, Ithaca College has several programs to aid in that choice, the first being bike registration. The benefits of bike registration are aiding in the identification of stolen bicycles and it enables the Office of Public Safety to help improve bike parking and safety. Click to register your bike with Ithaca College. The Ithaca-Tompkins County Transportation Council offers a bike map of the area, showing best commuting and leisure ride routes.  Finger Lakes Cycling Club members offer advice on local cycling routes, ride events, and where to buy equipment and biking gear in the area. The Bomber Bike Initiative is a student-led initiative to improve bike infrastructure, with current goals including the purchase and location of covered bike parking on campus and exploring the feasibility of a bike share program.

Cornell Cooperative Extension’s free alternative transportation information program can help you figure out the most appropriate way for YOU to get where you need to go. Visit the Way2Go site for more information.