Community Outreach

Student Organizations

There are a number of student organizations on campus that are working in various ways to advance sustainability issues.

Ithaca College Environmental Society (ICES)  promotes environmental awareness and responsibility on our campus through education, activism, and stewardship, while reaching out both within our campus and to the larger community of Ithaca.  Our topics include alternative energy, green collar jobs, eco-justice, ecofeminism, animal rights, organic, locavores, vegetarian food politics, Monsanto vs. sustainable farming, recycling and resource management, green building design and peace portfolios, Aldo Leopold and Al Gore, national parks, toxicity and cancer, corporate social responsibility, chemical imbalancing, fair trade foods, and much much more! 


Bomber Bikes is a collaboration of Ithaca College students, faculty, and staff working to promote sustainable transportation by improving bicycle infrastructure, launching a bike-share program, and expanding bike culture.


Net Impact is a network of students and professionals dedicated towards creating a more sustainable business world. Net Impact has a strong multidisciplinary focus where its members help shape the future of sustainable business.


Organic Growers of Ithaca College is for members of the IC community interested in growing organic produce. We started and currently maintain the Ithaca College Community Garden on the lower portion of campus. We experiment with many aspects of sustainable gardening and farming including permaculture design, crop rotation, companion planting, four-season food production, and heirloom seed saving. We all help to organize workshops, our CSA program, harvest dinners and other special events for club members and volunteers. Organic growing on campus is a wonderful way to interact with peers of varying interests and to connect with the land and food that sustain us.


Food for Thought is a nonprofit organization dedicated to serving children around the world who are denied access to basic living necessities, a quality education, and proper nutrition.


Stop Wasting Ithaca's Food Today (S.W.I.F.T) - Through working closely with IC Dining Services and Tompkins County Food Distribution Network, we repackage food from the dining hall into individual meals and then deliver the meals to local food pantries.


IC Animal Rights - The mission of IC Animals is to help raise awareness and funds for local and global animal rights organizations. By collaborating with both local and national organizations, we will explore issues of animals (both domestic and undomesticated) regarding animal welfare and health. This includes but is not limited to; helping fund shelters for domesticated animals and centers for wildlife rehabilitation; raising awareness about animals' treatment in food production and supporting wildlife conservation efforts.  


IC Primitive Skills Club provides students a place where they can share and practice their primitive skills and wilderness survival strategies. We will ideally practice tool making and tool use, cordage making, shelter construction, traps and/or hunting tools, animal tracking and track identification, tree and plant identification, and wild edibles. Every club member has varying skills and experience, however we will all be learning from each other.


IC Nutrition Club raises awareness about the importance of eating healthfully and works to promote healthy eating options among the campus community. 


Labor Initiative in Promoting Solidarity (LIPS) is an organization dedicated to workers’ rights. We strive for economic and social justice by organizing initiatives for change in labor standards. Through this, we build solidarity among community members.