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Kristina Plath Strain '05Kristina Plath Strain '05
Freelance writer

 Kristina Plath Strain ’05 was an Environmental Studies major at Ithaca College. As an undergrad, she was very invested in sustainability work. Ever since she can remember, Kristina has been interested in sustainability; in fact she feels she was pre-programmed at birth for environmental involvement.
Currently she is a freelance writer, and before leaving Ithaca, she volunteered with Cornell Cooperative Extension. Her extra curricular activities and the free time she spent outside the classroom for exploration and growth were really useful to prepare her for her career. When asked what she’d like Ithaca students to know, she responded with: “That whole ‘it's not what you know, it's who you know’ thing is really true. Make connections while you can; it's a lot easier to do so in college than in the real world.”