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Katherine Rausch '10Katherine Rausch '10
Freelance writer, fact checker for InStyle, also writes for Catalysta.


Katherine Rausch ‘10 currently works as a freelance writer, and fact checks for InStyle magazine. She also writes for Catalysta, a socially responsible website, that fulfills her passion for sustainability. At Ithaca College she was Journalism major, and was not really involved in sustainability work in school, but was meticulous about recycling and compost. However, Ithaca College is where her interest in working with sustainability originated. Ithaca makes a lot of sustainability efforts, and Katherine began to realize how little effort was being made outside of Ithaca. Ithaca inspired her to get more involved with sustainability and human rights efforts. She really enjoyed her internships too, which gave her hands on experience. Her message to Ithaca students is to start interning and volunteering now if they want to know what career they want. “Experience and networking is key to succeeding, and jobs like sustainability work are few and far between. If you want to work in non-profits, you need to stand out.”