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Diane Cohen '87Diane Cohen '87
Executive Director of Finger Lakes ReUse

Diane Cohen ’87 majored in Fine Art. As an undergrad, Diane was not involved in sustainability, but has had a lifelong dislike for unnecessary waste. Ithaca didn’t have environmental studies when she attended, but it did introduce her to great teachers like Elan Shapiro and a wonderful community that she has decided to make her home. She has volunteered for five years for the Ithaca Community Radio, a community-driven voice that enables more issues that Ithaca faces to be broadcast. Diane is currently the executive director of Finger Lakes ReUse, an organization that recycles waste and makes it into productive new uses. Diane hopes to continue to build and reuse infrastructure and more equitable communities. Diane encourages Ithaca students to “get involved in the community in any way - go to an event that is off campus, just for the experience. Talk to people who you perceive to be different from you, and find a commonality. It's usually easier than you think.”