Tom Pfaff's Sustainability Page for Mathematics Courses

Are you concerned about the State of the Planet? Do you wish you could help? Why not bring sustainability topics and materials into your math classes? It's easy and rewarding and can be incorporated into classes without changing the typical content of the course.

On these page you will find data sets, example worksheets, graphs, resources, and the background information you need to incorporate a sustainability theme or just an example of two into various math courses. Most of the material here is for calculus I and statistics, but there is more than that and much of the calculus material can be adopted for algebra and pre-calculus courses.

As a bonus students tend to find sustainability materials more interesting, and as one student commented anonymously "...for once a math class used real world information for their questions and problems instead of just pulling numbers out of nowhere and expecting we understand them ."

If you are finding this page useful in any way (especially if you are using any of this in a class), if you have a comment for improving this page, or want help incorporating sustainability into a calculus class please send me an email: tpfaff(at)

A new collaborative site for sustainability and mathematics is at Please visit this site and consider contributing.

Created by Thomas J. Pfaff and last updated on 6/7/11. Send questions or comments to tpfaff(at)