Emerging Scholars Program (ESP)

Join the Emerging Scholars Program and participate in one of Ithaca's finest academic and professional development learning communities.


The mission of the Emerging Scholars Program (ESP) is to cultivate and nurture the spirit of excellence in Ithaca College students.  ESP Participants aspire towards:

  • high academic achievement
  • leadership development and pre-professional engagement;
  • graduation from Ithaca College; and
  • progression into competitive post-graduate experiences (e.g. graduate school, professional school, national or international service, or the world of work, etc).

ESP students will benefit from:

  • faculty and staff mentoring;
  • peer coaching;
  • peer tutoring;
  • weekly study sessions with peers;
  • academic and professional development activities;
  • field trips and off campus retreats; and
  • cultural support.

With regular attendance and committed engagement with ESP programs and services, you can earn:

  • high grades & ALANA Academic Achievement Awards at the Annual Fall Banquet
  • participation incentives; and
  • the Emerging Scholars Program Leadership Certificate.

ESP is a program hosted by Tutoring Services.  We actively recruit first year students in the School of Business; students pursuing STEM majors; and Humanities and Sciences Exploratory students. Students from all majors and backgrounds, however, are welcome to enroll!  

For more information, please contact:

Yolanda Clarke, Manager of Tutoring Services

Emerging Scholars Program Director





The 2015-2016 ESP Peer Coaching Staff


John Thievon, BS, ESP Graduate Supervisor  

Ahmad Boyd, Class of 2017, ESP Coach

Siena Cid, Class of 2017, ESP Coach

Annyelica Diaz, Class of 2016, ESP Coach

Chance Peavy, Class of 2017, ESP Coach 



For the final weeks of Fall 2015, we will focus on ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE, healthy preparation for finals, and planning for Summer 2016  

pre-professional experiences.  We also have some social activities planned!  Enrollees should check the ESP SAKAI site for details!