Emerging Scholars Program (ESP)

ESP Five Areas of Focus


Participants agree to use tutoring and other academic support services. Periodic learning skills workshops are designed to address the typical developmental issues that new college students face.  If you earn a certain grade point average in a given semester or academic year, you will be eligible to receive awards at the annual Academic Achievement Awards Celebration in the Fall semester.  You might also be eligible for other participation incentives.  


Part of the mission of Ithaca College is to develop character in every student.  ESP contributes to this mission by encouraging personal growth via activities such as community service and other forms of civic engagement; diversity education to engender respect for all people from all walks of life; and off-campus retreats to assist students with developing life long bonds with their program peers.   We also work with students to encourage mature self-regulation and enhanced self-confidence.


It is important for all college students to cultivate leadership and professional development skills.  This includes proficient technological skills; networking and interviewing skills; and the ability to present your best self in professional situations.  Each year we host a leadership retreat to support this process.  


Ithaca College students can graduate within 4 years if you work with your faculty and professional advisors; use academic support services; make good grades; and avoid distractions that can potentially become obstacles to your progress.    


ESP students are introduced to Career Services very early on in the college experience.  Not sure of what you want to do?  Career Services can help! Internships, externships, and research experiences will build your equity and make you more competitive for jobs and other experiences after you graduate from College.  We also encourage network with recent alumni and older alumni with long-term career experience. In any case, we want you to leave Ithaca College with a job or acceptance to graduate or professional school.