Parent Information regarding Peer Tutoring

Peer tutoring and Peer Learning Groups (PLuGS) are free of charge to Ithaca students! 

We support Ithaca students by offering small group tutoring in key "barriers to majors" courses at Ithaca College. These courses have been identified from data obtained through Institutional Research and based on our history of requests for services. Group work encourages interdependence and accountability.  

Students can request tutoring after they have viewed the Orientation to Tutoring video and submitted a registration form.  Both will be available on our website by August 15th.  Thereafter, students can make an online request for services on the 1st day of the second week of classes.  This is a very user friendly process!  Upon receipt of the request, our goal is to assign a student to a small group within 2 days. This can be a bit challenging during peak times when requests are high.  

Respect for the Academic Process 

Encourage your student to be thoughtful and responsible with their own academic engagement and with College human and financial resources.  They should always seek support from their faculty members and teaching assistants first.  Office hours are usually available on the course syllabus.  Tutoring is the next level of support that students can use.   It becomes challenging, however, to properly serve students when they

              * sign up for tutoring and never use the service; 

              * are always late or don't show up for tutoring sessions;

              * withdraw from tutoring without letting it work;

              * discontinue tutoring without letting us know;

              * wait until the very last minute to seek help.   

Our peer tutors are trained according to standards of the College Reading and Learning Association.  They are highly adept at recognizing problems that are unrelated to course content material such as weak note taking, test preparation, and time management skills.  They may refer your student for additional campus support.