Request a Tutor for Spring 2015

Sign up for tutoring below:

  • Tutoring Services only acknowledges tutoring requests through our online formCalling or emailing the office to say that you would like a tutor is not a formal request for services.
  • If you need tutoring for a course that is not one of our standard offerings, type in the department name and course number in the section “Special Course Request.”  We will try to identify a tutor for you and will email you to let you know the status of the unique request. 
  • We do not guarantee placement in courses beyond our standard offerings.  If a tutor cannot be identified within a one-week time frame, we may direct you to your course professor. 

After you have submitted your tutoring request, here's what happens:

  • After we receive your online request, you will receive an acknowledgement email.  If you do not receive this e-mail, it means that your form was not properly submitted and you will need to redo it.
  • We will email you the contact information for your new tutor and/or group assignment within 3 days.   Our response time may be longer during peak times (e.g. midterms, etc.).
  • Contact your tutor right away and arrange a time to meet.  Your tutor may also reach out to you to arrange your actual sessions.