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Jacob White

This two-hour, one-time-only craft class is available to students who select the "craft" option for their afternoon track.

Dialogue is the hardest-hitting tool a fiction writer has. It's our rawest form of dramatic action and can work, too, to develop characters, develop plot, and simply let some lucky chaos into the story. Through this workshop's lively mash-up of exercises and group skits, we will learn to write dialogue that pops and crackles on the page and gets away from us just enough to shock life into our stories.

Jacob White is the author of the story collection Being Dead in South Carolina. His work has appeared in The Georgia Review, The Sewanee Review, New Letters, The Literary Review, and many other magazines, and he is the former co-editor of Green Mountains Review. He earned a Ph.D. in Literature and Creative Writing from the University of Houston, where he held the Donald Barthelme Memorial Fellowship in Fiction. He now teaches writing at Ithaca College.