Welcome, Honors Class of 2023!

We extend a warm welcome to incoming honors students of the Class of 2023!

This summer, you will register for one of the Honors Ithaca College Seminars. Full course descriptions are here.

ICSM 11000 – Ithaca Seminar/Honors
Wonder Women: Feminist History and Feminist Icons- Katharine Kittredge
Health Narratives- Stewart Auyash
Climates Changing- Michael Smith
The Gun: Violence and the Common Good in the United States- Chris Holmes
Stories for a Change: How your Stories can Change the World- Alicia Swords
Stories on Stage: Performing Modern Fiction- Bruce Henderson

ICSM 11800 – Ithaca Seminar in Writing/Honors
Fantasy, Fandom and Fans- Jaime Warburton

Over the summer, you'll receive email communications with more information on the Class of 2023 honors common read and honors housing.

Once you’re on campus, we'll tell you more about the honors minor and program requirements. You will be assigned an honors advisor, which you can see in Degreeworks prior to attending orientation.

If you have any questions, please call the Honors Program office at 607-274-7784. We are here to support you!