Academic Advising Being Restructured to Enhance Student Experience

As part of the “Restructure and Reorganize” phase of the overall Academic Program Prioritization process, the college is examining and rethinking the structures of existing schools and departmental affiliations and associated administrative structures, with an eye toward facilitating collaboration, optimizing administrative resources, and enhancing the clarity and availability of our offerings to all students. In considering how we can increase student success while further reducing annual expenditures, the college has decided to decentralize its academic advising and re-situate it within the schools.  As a result of this decision, we will be closing the Academic Advising Center as of July 1.

This restructuring will benefit students by providing a cohesive and streamlined process for academic advising.

Official faculty duties regarding advising will not change. Faculty have traditionally fulfilled the greatest need for our students’ academic and professional advising, and now faculty advisors are directed to collaborate with their dean’s office on matters about which they have questions. In cases where cross-school collaboration for advising is needed, members of our deans’ teams will work together to address our students’ needs.