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Academic Alert Program (AAP) Form

Administered by the Academic Advising Center (AAC), this program is a way for faculty and staff to relay information about a student who may need extra academic assistance in order to succeed.  Examples include absenteeism, failing grades, not turning in assignments, or being disengaged in class.  We can help students get back-on-track, and letting us know early in the semester is a key component for a successful outcome.  We will reach out to the student, and determine the best form of support.

The AAP Form Link is located below.  Please fill out the requested information regarding the student and your academic concerns.  Upon submission of the AAP Form below, you will see a confirmation screen.

We look forward to this collaborative effort between Faculty, the AAC, and students in support of our students' academic success.  Questions about the Academic Alert Program can be emailed to advisingcenter@ithaca.edu

Academic Alert Form