Becoming an academically successful college student takes hard work and may require you to use different strategies than you used in high school.

  • Check out the additional resources on this page for handouts, "tip" sheets, planning guides and quizzes that may assist you. Try different techniques until you find the ones that work best for you.
  • Use the Writing Center, Math Tutorial Sessions, Tutoring Services and other peer support available in your school.
  • And always reach out to your professors when you have questions about course material. They are the experts on how to succeed in their class!

Tips from IC Students
Strategies that work! Contributed by the Class of 2017.

Tips for Using Faculty Office Hours
A handout that explains how faculty office hours can help you succeed and how to use them effectively.

Setting SMART Goals
This handout helps students develop SMART Goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-Specific. Be SMART!

Syllabus Analysis
A document designed to help students analyze their syllabi to better understand course expectations, assignments, and grading structures.

Videos and PowerPoints from Academic Advising Center Workshops:

Strategies for Success -- PDF

Strategies for Virtual Learning -- MP4 Video

Managing Your Time -- MP4 Video

Managing Your Time -- PDF

Effective Communication in College -- PDF

Academic Planning -- MP4 Video

Time Management and Scheduling Tools:

Academic Planning Sheets -- Year One to Year Four -- PDF
Use these planning sheets to map out the required courses for your major, minor and the ICC over your four year plan of study. It is helpful to use sticky notes -- a different color for all courses for your major, a different color for minor courses, a different color for the ICC, etc. This allows you to move the stickies around and to swap out courses when you plan your schedule.

Blank weekly planner -- PDF
This planning grid includes Saturday and Sunday and allows you to plan for extracurricular activities that take place in the evening and on weekends.

Fall 2020 Semester Calendar -- Excel
This semester calendar, specific to the fall 2020 term, includes important dates including the add/drop period, the last day to withdraw from classes, and registration, among others. Use this as a long-term planning tool to keep you on track from the first week of classes all the way to the end of finals.

Course Planning Worksheet (MWF/TR format) -- PDF

Very helpful tool when mapping out your semester schedule.

Academic Map -- PDF

Planning Sheet -- PDF

Additional Resources to Help Students Be Successful:

How to Study - howtostudy.org
A collection of web sites with information created by a variety of colleges and universities.

Learning Styles (VARK)
Take this 20 question online quiz to understand more about how your learn best. Remember that you can choose more than one answer to the question. The site will provide strategies for studying geared towards your learning style.

Writing compare and contrast essays
From University of North Carolina Writing Center