How do we know which classes count toward the ICC?

A full list of ICC courses is available on the ICC Web site.

Look on the left side of the main ICC page for a link to Approved Courses for Themes and Perspectives and Approved Courses for Diversity, Quantitative Literacy and Writing Intensive. Be aware that not all courses are offered every semester. Information on which courses are offered during a particular semester is available in HomerConnect.

The Academic Advising Center has also created grids that outline courses available for different themes.


How many credits is the ICC?

The Theme and Perspectives section of the ICC requires you to complete 16 credits (the 4 credit Ithaca College Seminar and four 3-credit Perspective courses).

You will also, under the ICC, complete up to 4 credits each of math and writing competencies, 12 credits of complementary liberal arts, and also credits in diversity, quantitative literacy, and writing intensive courses. You will also complete a capstone course within your major.

For a description of how the credits are distributed, check out the visual summary of the ICC requirements on the ICC web site.

What is the difference between themes?

All six themes promote integrative learning and problem solving, but each of the six themes is different in its focus.

For a complete description of each of the themes and of the Perspective courses, go to the ICC web site. Looking at the Perspective courses associated with each theme, can give you a good idea of how the theme is addressed.

Should my theme match my major?

Your theme does not need to match your major. In fact, one of the goals of the ICC is to encourage students to explore courses in areas of interest that are outside their major. This allows you to get a broad liberal arts experience while at Ithaca College.

Also, sometimes taking courses unrelated to your major helps you to discover other areas of interest and might even lead you to declare a minor in a subject very different than your major.

Can I change my theme?

Yes, you can change your theme if you decide that another theme better fits with your interests. To change your ICC theme, please use the appropriate form available in IC Workflow. All theme changes will be reviewed and will require approval from the ICC Director. Changes can take up to five business days before the request is approved and the student record is updated in HomerConnect. It is strongly suggested that students consult with an Academic Advisor, Dean, Department Chair or the ICC Director before making any changes to their theme.

What is the importance of choosing courses that match your theme?

It is an ICC requirement that you must take all four of your Perspective courses in your declared Theme. This structure is a way to help you integrate your understanding of a topic (theme) from different disciplines. In other words, the college wants you to be able to look at a complex issue from many different angles. The courses in your theme help you to be able to make those connections.

If you are interested in taking Perspective courses that are not in your theme, you can take these courses as electives.

If you want more information about which courses fall under each of the themes, check out the Integrative Core Curriculum web site.

Will the ICC last all four years?

The Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC) is a requirement that you must complete before you graduate (if you enrolled at Ithaca College in Fall 2013 or after). Depending on the requirements for your major and the sequencing of your courses, you may need all four years to complete the requirements or it may take you less time.

For more information on all of the requirements for the ICC, you are encouraged to check out the ICC web site.

What is the ICC Capstone course?

The capstone course is one that asks you to reflect on your learning in your major and in your ICC courses. It pulls together your educational experience and will generally be taken in your last year at the college. Each major identifies a course that will be your capstone for that major.

For a list of Capstone courses go to the ICC web site and look for the Attribute links on the left side of the page.

What is a seminar?

Your Ithaca College seminar is a 4-credit course designed to begin your liberal arts education within your theme. The course prefix for the Ithaca Seminar is ICSM. Three of the credits are the academic section of this course and the remaining credit is designed to help with your transition to college (offering an opportunity to learn about resources and skills that will help you succeed in college).

There are also other courses at Ithaca College that are labeled as seminar courses and they will have different course prefixes. Generally seminar courses are discussion based and there are usually a smaller number of students in the class. They are often 300 or 400 level courses.

I am in the Honors Program. Do I have to take a second Ithaca College Seminar in addition to the Honors Seminar?

Honors Program students choose from a limited number of Honors seminars. Taking one of these ICSM courses will count toward your ICC requirements. You do not need to take a second Ithaca College Seminar.