Who do I talk to about juggling a musical theatre major, study abroad and a deaf studies minor?

In answer to your question, this is definitely one of those topics that is perfect to bring to the Academic Advising Center since we can help you see how the requirements match up in terms of your academic planning. Since this can take some time to figure out, you are encouraged to make an appointment by calling 607-274-1001 or by emailing advisingcenter@ithaca.edu

Is it possible to participate in the LA program and the London program?

Whether you can participate in both the LA and London programs is dependent upon a few factors, but primarily on your academic plan. This is something you can discuss with your faculty advisor so that the sequencing of your courses allows you to meet all of the degree requirements in the timeframe that works for you. The website of the Office of International Programs also has more information on the London program.


If doing music with an outside field, will you graduate with 2 degrees?

In answer to your question, students taking the BMO would not complete two degrees. In many cases, however, students use the outside field as a minor.

How do I find speech language pathology classes?

You can find courses that are required for the Speech Language and Pathology major and course descriptions by looking at the undergraduate catalog. The undergraduate catalog will list courses, but remember that you need to follow the program or major requirements for the catalog year in which you were admitted.

How much math is required for business majors?

Business Administration majors take an approved calculus and an approved statistics course in accordance with their degree requirements. Additionally, all students, including those in the Business School, take a quantitative literacy course as part of the ICC. Some courses do fulfill both requirements.

If you have additional questions, you are encouraged to browse the undergraduate college catalog for more information regarding specific business major requirements.

Can I minor in journalism and major in TVR?

Students are definitely able to major in TV-R and minor in Journalism. To view the requirements for the JOUR minor, check out the Park School of Communications section of the undergraduate catalog.

To declare a minor in the Park School you will need to complete a form after completing your first semester at IC. The form is available on the Park School website.