Dana Professors

The Dana Endowment at Ithaca College

1n 1973 the Dana Foundation provided Ithaca College with an endowment to encourage and reward academic excellence.  The Dana Professors are chosen for excellence in teaching and research.  The Dana Student Internship Program provides internship funding to students on the basis of academic excellence and financial need. 

Current Dana Professors

Michael Malpass, Anthropology (2008-)
Charles A. Dana Professor in the Social Sciences

Michael Twomey, English (2007-)
Charles A. Dana Professor of Humanities/Arts

Dana Wilson, Music Theory, History, and Composition (1994-2016)
Charles A. Dana Professor of Music 

Previous Dana Professors

Raquib Zaman, Business Administration (1987-2014, Dana Professor Emeritus)

Humanities /Arts:
Nancy Ramage, Art History (2001-2007; Dana Professor Emerita)
John Harcourt, English (1977-1985; Dana Professor Emeritus; deceased)

Natural Sciences /Mathematics:
Vicki Cameron, Biology (2003-09; Dana Professor Emerita)
Imre Tamas, Biology (1996-2002; Dana Professor Emeritus; deceased)
Robert F. Pasternack, Chemistry (1977-1983)

Social Sciences:
Joel Savishinsky, Anthropology (1997-2008; Dana Professor Emeritus)
Harvey Fireside, Politics (1977-1996; Dana Professor Emeritus; deceased)

Pamela Gearhart, Music (1977-1993; Dana Professor Emerita)