Supportive mentors provide guided exploration.

Everyone knows a journey is more enjoyable with knowledgeable guides, and the Exploratory Program supports you with five different kinds of advisors who understand and appreciate where you are and where you hope to go.

  • Your faculty advisor—a professor in one of your first-semester courses—will get to know you as a student and a person so s/he can help you choose courses in the future.
  • Professional advisors in the Academic Advising Center provide resources and referrals to help you succeed and graduate on time.
  • Current and former exploratory students serve as peer mentors and host weekly conversation hours in IC Square.
  • Prof. Maria DiFrancesco, Director of the Exploratory Program, hosts weekly office hours and events just for exploratory students.
  • Dean Amy O'Dowd, Associate Dean for Student Services, helps exploratory students navigate transfers between majors, departments and schools.

Incoming first-year students can preregister for up to three courses prior to attending summer orientation. At orientation, your summer advisor will also help you choose an Integrative Core Curriculum theme and Ithaca Seminar that match your interests.

When you arrive on campus, you will meet your faculty advisor: one of your first year, first semester professors. This means you will see your advisor weekly. The more your advisor knows about you, the more effective your academic advising can be! 

Once you select your major, you will transfer to a faculty advisor who is an expert in your chosen field.

Having an advisor work with me one-on-one really helped make the transition to the college academic world a lot easier. I feel the Exploratory Program fostered a sense of support and guidance and, at the same time, independence.

Alana Murphy, occupational science/occupational therapy major