Kari Brossard Stoos

Department Associate Chair and Associate Professor, Health Promotion and Physical Education

Kari Brossard Stoos and a student in the lab

Name: Kari Brossard Stoos

Home department(s): Health Promotion and Physical Education (HPPE).

Affiliated departments you share connections to: I share a laboratory with an Anthropology professor.

What was your undergraduate major? I started as a dual major in Biology and Athletic Training. After two years I dropped Athletic Training because it wasn’t the right fit. I picked up an additional major in Secondary Education to teach Earth Science and Biology after feeling pressured to pick a major that would lead to a specific career. I eventually found that I really enjoyed learning Latin and reading about Roman and Greek history and culture therefore, I completed a minor in Classics and graduated with a Biology major, with concentrations in Athletic Training and Secondary Education. 

What did you study in graduate school? M.S. Oncology, Pathophysiology, Biomaterials, Ph.D. Microbiology, Immunology, Biomedical Sciences.

Why do you teach in the Exploratory Program? I had a difficult time selecting a major as an undergraduate, and I also chose two interdisciplinary graduate programs. I wanted to teach in exploratory to help students navigate their options to find the right fit.  

What are your interests outside of school? I play soccer in a league. I enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, and going to concerts.

Why did you choose Ithaca College?  I chose Ithaca College because it provides me with many opportunities to continue learning and growing. Also I felt welcomed and inspired by my colleagues in the HPPE department. They continue to challenge my practice and perspective. 

What is one fun thing people do not know about you? I find baking to be an extremely relaxing activity. Whenever I am stressed there are loads of goodies piling up in my house.