How did you choose your major?

I was able to figure out my major by taking a lot of different classes along with Exploring the Options my first year here. I also shadowed classes, talked to students in the majors I liked, and met with different professors to talk about all the choices I had. 

What was your favorite resource to use when you were an Exploratory student? 

Exploring the Options was really a fantastic resources also, all the faculty members who helped me out along the way. 

What do you like most about the Exploratory program?

I really love how the Exploratory program gives you a lot of options and resources so you never have to worry about where to find help/guidance. 

What is your biggest piece of advice to other Exploratory students?

My biggest piece of advice to other Exploratory students is just to really take advantage of all the opportunities on campus, even if it means coming out of your comfort zone for a little bit! 

What extracurriculars are you involved with on campus?

I'm the Vice Executive staff for IC After Dark and a member of the Women in Communications club.