How did you choose your major? If you are still Exploratory, how are you working on choosing a major and what choices are you considering?

I chose my major mostly thanks to the Exploring the Options class. I was given multiple opportunities to explore what classes my majors of interest had to offer as well as possible careers in their respective fields. I was stuck between my current public health major and a Aging Studies major, but with a little more research and self reflection I was able to figure out a perfect combination of both.

What was your favorite resource to use when you were an Exploratory student?

My favorite resource in my short semester as an exploratory student was definitely Exploring the Options. Even thought it is not required of every exploratory student, I really think it should be. The guidance and the extra, scheduled time that I gained from the class inevitably helped me choose my major.

What do you like most about the Exploratory program?

What I like most about the Exploratory program is the positivity that surrounds everyone in it. As a student, everyone makes you feel okay not quite knowing what you want your path to be just yet. You are not pushed into a major you don’t want and all of your decisions are at your pace.

What is your biggest piece of advice to other Exploratory students?

Don’t be afraid to try something that may be daunting to you! My first semester I took Introduction to Aging Studies with Professor Christine Pogorzala and it changed my perception on what I want my college experience to look like. I never thought I would have a professional interest in working with older adults, but I figured I would try the class and that’s when I realized a passion of mine! So, if something seems a bit out of the ordinary for you, I say try it. You’ll never know what may come out of it!

What extracurricular activities are you involved with on campus?

I am on the Women’s Club Soccer team (we went to the 2017 national tournament in Arizona!), I am a PAL, I will be a peer leader for ICSM Farm to Table this Fall 2018, I am a member of the Sigma Phi Omega Gerontology Honor Society, and I am involved and certified in the FLGEC Health Literacy Train the Trainer Program.