How did you choose your major?

I did a short term study abroad program the summer going into my sophomore year that was Occupational Therapy based and I LOVED it. I went through the process of applying for an internal transfer to Ithaca's 5-year Occupational Therapy program and got accepted going into the Spring of my sophomore year!

What was your favorite resource to use when you were an Exploratory student? 

Not only as an exploratory student but as a student overall here at IC, my favorite resources to use are the Writing Center and Career Services. Both have each respectively helped me so much with various papers and application prompts or resumes and cover letters.

What do you like most about the Exploratory program?

The community and the fact that everyone wants to help you! The exploratory program is filled with people who are also trying to find their way or help you find it as well, whether they were previous or current exploratory students, professors, or other members of IC--there are people in every corner!

What is your biggest piece of advice to other Exploratory students?

Talk to people...a lot of different people! What helped me a lot as an Explorer and as a student was reaching out to different professors and students. Not only was I getting their input and hearing what they had to say about either a major, minor, or position on campus I was interested in, I was making personal connections with people all around campus. It also helps you learn the ins and outs/tips and ticks of how to make the most of being an IC student!

What extracurricular activities are you involved with on campus?

I am Peer Leader for an Honors First-Year Seminar, a TA for a Peer Leader course, and a Peer Success Coach!