How did you choose your major? If you are still Exploratory, how are you working on choosing a major and what choices are you considering?

I always knew I wanted to do something in the arts or humanities, but taking different classes and doing the activities in the Exploring the Options class helped me solidify my decision.

What was your favorite resource to use when you were an Exploratory student?

My favorite resource to use we’re actually all of my classmates in Exploring the Options. Although we all had different interests, everyone always supported one another because we all understood the same confusion and doubt and uplifted each other all the time.

What do you like most about the Exploratory program?

The thing I like most about the Exploratory program is that we are a community based not off of mutual interests, but mutual support and inclusion of one another.

What is your biggest piece of advice to other Exploratory students?

My biggest piece of advice is not to stress! Finding your major WILL happen and you shouldn’t try to force yourself into any box too quickly. And, don’t let anyone else tell you what you should do. Make your degree what you want!

What extracurricular activities are you involved with on campus?

This semester I will be working for Ithaca College Theatre Arts as their Group Sales Assistant.