Choose your own path. Discover yourself. Enjoy every step of the way.

As a student applying to college, you may worry about choosing a major. You may feel as if it’s a huge decision that will determine the course of your life. But your future is full of options, and the truth is that you and many other students may not know what career path you want to take. Studies show that most students change majors at least once during college. And that’s nothing to worry about—the route you take is bound to evolve in exciting ways as you grow and learn about new interests.

That’s why we at Ithaca College are proud to offer our unique Exploratory Program. Unlike the undeclared status you might find at other schools, IC offers a faculty-driven program of inquiry that is bolstered by professional guidance and designed to help you find your own path and get you ready for a successful future.

Why explore?

The Exploratory Program invites students like you to do just that—explore. You may take up to 60 credits, including those you bring with you from high school or another college, to sample courses that spark your interest and discover the major that’s right for you.

All Ithaca College students participate in the Integrative Core Curriculum (ICC), which encourages you to study a topic from multiple perspectives by taking theme-related courses across the college. All the schools at Ithaca College share this common academic foundation which, helps to ensure that you stay on track for graduation. Exploratory students may also take advantage of extra advising support and priority registration for many first-year courses.

Helpful Documents

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